Reed PTA's Geography Program                    

Reed’s Geography program for 5th graders expands on the geography programs offered at Newtown’s elementary schools. These tests do not affect your child’s grades and do not show up on their report cards. This voluntary program is offered as enrichment learning for your child. We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity and make this a great learning experience for the whole family.

Geography puts the world in your hands!
Each month, teachers will administer geography tests at school. These tests are actually the practice tests that can be found below. You and your child should visit this website monthly to print out blank tests for practice as well as study guides. There are also helpful videos and games found below.

Thank you for your support with this great enrichment program! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Abby Hill or Theresa Diaspro at
[email protected].

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Proposed Test Topics and Dates
Listed here are the anticipated remaining test weeks for this year. The actual test date is ALWAYS decided by the classroom teacher.

 Week of 10/6
 Test 1: Eastern States and Capitals
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 11/10
 Test 2: Western States and Capitals
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 12/8
 Test 3: North America: Mountain Ranges,
 Bodies of Water and Canadian Provinces
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 1/12
 Test 4: Continents, Oceans and Major Seas
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 2/9
 Test 5: Central and South America
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 3/9
 Test 6: Europe
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 4/6
 Test 7: Africa 
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]
 Week of 5/4
 Test 8: Middle East and Asia
 [Study Guide]          [Practice Test]